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24th January 2017 - Seed Potatoes Now In Stock





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 Our seed potatoes are always quick to sell out as they are available at such competitive prices compared with garden centres. To avoid disappointment, please call into the Moorside Allotments Trading Hut on Saturday or Sunday between 10 am and noon; or email Susan Pownall at





20th February 2016 - Moorside Trading Hut News

We’re getting ready for spring in the Moorside Allotments Shop. Once February is over, it becomes another manic period in the gardening world as everything starts to wake up and we’re delving into our seed sowing for the new season.  A delivery this week from our wholesalers has meant we now have a good supply of your favourite Humax Original Compost with silver sand, ideal for seed sowing.  Looking a bit further ahead and to make sure we don’t miss out, we have also bought in extra-large Tomato Growbags, although it is not possible at the moment to get the organic alternative  but we’ll keep trying.

To combat those pests that have not been killed off in our mild winter, try our ant and crawling insect spray or organic bug spray. And there is a wide range of organic and non-organic slug deterrents available.

The porous black landscape fabric (3.25 metres wide) is on back order and should be in shortly  at £1.70 a metre but in the meantime, we have a narrower non-porous ground cover in stock at £1.10 a metre,  still highly suitable as a base for paths or under raised beds. There are still some sturdy scaffolding planks in stock to make raised beds at £5 each with shorter ones (ideal for the short ends) at £1.50 each. To fill them, try our topsoil, pre-enriched with chicken manure, which is a year old and of high quality.  Price £1.50 a barrow. The heap is going down fast, so if you want some, we recommend you come along to the shop  soon.  We are still on the list for a bumper delivery of horse manure, as well as another few tons of the amazing soil improver we had in stock in the manure area last year.  All expected imminently. We haven’t forgotten your need for chippings as well, which we have delivered within the boundary gates and which are free of charge to gardeners.

The shop also has a wide range of fertilisers from the powdered format to organic liquid feed in various sizes and prices to suit your needs.  These include the 6X chicken pellets now available in 8kg drums priced at £4.80 each.

Seed potatoes are still in stock at £2 per 2kg netted bag, across First Earlies, Second Earlies and Maincrop.  Our blight resistant maincrop Sarpa Mira is a good seller and is slightly more expensive at £2.35 a 2kg bag.

After the shorter winter opening hours, the shop is now back to being open between 10 am and 12 noon, Saturday and Sunday.  See you there.

UPDATED: 20th January - Seed Potato Stocks for 2016 - STOCKS NOW IN!

The trading hut has now taken delivery of seed potato stocks for the 2016 season. Our seed potatoes are always quick to sell out as they are available at such competitive prices compared with garden centres. To avoid disappointment, please call into the Moorside Allotments Trading Hut

To help you decide which to buy, we have chosen a selection across First Earlies, Second Earlies and Maincrop.  Within that mix, our selection takes into consideration the disease resistant and cooking qualities of each type and how you want to prepare and eat them.  Please find a brief resumé below.

First Earlies

  • Pentland Javelin:  With a great flavour and used equally well as either a salad potato or for general use, the Scottish Pentland Javelin has white  waxy flesh, is a good cropper and is particularly disease resistant to scab and eelworm.  It has been described as having show bench quality.
  • Red Duke of York: A Heritage potato originating in the Netherlands and instantly recognizable by its red skin and spectacular foliage,  the Red Duke of York is a good cropper, producing large potatoes  and shows resistance to both scab and - to a lesser extent – blight.  It is a good all-rounder as a new potato, as well as being  good for roasting and baking. It also makes great chips!
  • Rocket:  Of English origin, this is one of the earliest potatoes to crop and produces large round white fleshy tubers and is good for boiling. It has double resistance to eelworm, has a fair resistance to scab but can be prone to blight.  In addition, it does not benefit from being left in the ground too long as it can become hollow and split.

Second Earlies

  • Charlotte: This is a reliable, high-yielding, waxy salad type potato, which is why it is so popular with growers. Originating in France, it also has a good flavour and is very easy to grow.  Good for boiling and as a salad potato, Charlotte has moderate resistance to both scab and blight.
  • Kestrel: A good general purpose and Scottish Heritage potato, Kestrel is another favourite with growers both for eating and showing, producing long oval, waxy tubers with very distinctive blue eyes! It has a good resistance to diseases, notably blight, eelworm and scab, as well as slugs. A good all-rounder, it is especially good for chips and roasting.
  • Maris Peer:  Its small well flavoured tubers make the English Maris Peer ideal for salads and boiling, holding their firm shape when cooked.  Best planted close together and well earthed up, Maris Peer has very strong scented purple flowers.  The type is also fairly resistant to blight and scab.

Main Crop

  • King Edward:  Originating in Northumberland, the King Edward is probably England’s best known and best loved variety.  Classed as a Heritage early main crop, the creamy white flesh has a light floury texture which is perfect for roasting. It shows good resistance to disease, particularly scab.
  • Maris Piper: This English potato has a reputation as the chip shop favourite but it is also great for mash, roasting, baking – in essence a good all-rounder. With creamy white, medium dry floury, flesh, the tubers have a good flavour.  Producing a good yield, the type is particularly resistant to eelworm and moderately resistant to blight, although it can be prone to scab and is also a great favourite with slugs!
  • Sarpo Mira: Hailed as THE blight resistant potato, Sarpo Mira originated in Hungary and is classed as a late main crop. A vigorous, nutritious and extremely disease resistant grower, this type will grow in a range of soil conditions and produces huge yields of tasty, floury tubers.  It is a great all-rounder for cooking.  A gardening tip is to cut off the tops of the plants and leave for three weeks to allow the skins to set.

First Earlies
Pentland Javelin £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
Red Duke of York £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
Rocket £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)

Second Earlies
Charlotte £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
Kestrel £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
Maris Peer £2.30 (Per 2KG Bag)

Main Crop
Desiree £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
King Edward £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
Maris Piper £2.00 (Per 2KG Bag)
Sarpo Mira £2.35 (Per 2KG Bag)

2nd December - Topsoil Available

Good quality topsoil enriched with chicken manure and horse manure.  Has only had one year’s use on a horticultural site which is now being cleared.  £35 a ton. Delivered direct to your allotment.  First come, first served.  All must go by the 8th December at the latest.

Please telephone Sean on 07538 092192.

6th October - 2016 Kings Seeds & Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalogues Now Out!

With the 2015 season drawing to a close and gardeners busy digging over the ground in readiness for next year, we are pleased to focus your minds even more on next season’s planting!

Kings Seeds Catalogue

The 2016 Kings Seeds catalogue is now available either from the Trading Hut during opening hours or just take one from inside the notice board cases at the East Gate and the Main Gate.

As usual, Dave Vincent has kindly offered to co-ordinate orders, so complete the form and put it in an envelope marked Kings Seeds FAO Dave Vincent.  All orders must be accompanied by payment in advance, with cheques being made payable to Moorside Allotments Association.  Either deliver it to Dave on Plot 8, drop it off at the Allotments Shop or post in the red letter box (secure) by the main gate.

Kings Seeds pass back up to 17% of the value of all orders, which goes to our Allotment Association, so your support benefits everyone.

To save you postage, Dave will have all orders delivered to him in bulk for collection from the Allotments Shop.  We’ll let you know when your order comes in.

Please could you make sure your orders are delivered to Dave on plot 8, the allotments shop or posted in the red letter box no later than 31st October  2015.

Thompson & Morgan Seed/Plant Catalogues

We have also received our 2016 batch of vegetable seed, potato, flowers and fruit catalogues from Thompson & Morgan. The orders are being co-ordinated by the Shop Manager, Susan Pownall and the catalogues are available from the shop NOW!

There is a 50% discount on seed orders with free postage.  Plant orders qualify for a 20% discount. Once again, completed order forms – with your name and address -  and remittance should be dropped off at the shop marked Thompson & Morgan Order. FAO Susan Pownall.  Or, outside shop hours, please post in the red letter box by the main gate. When enclosing your remittance, please ensure you have deducted the appropriate discount, which benefits you personally. Please make cheques payable to Thompson & Morgan. Orders must be received at the Allotments Shop by 13th December 2015 at the latest.

All Thompson & Morgan seed orders will be delivered in bulk to Susan, who will let you know when they are available for collection from the Allotments Shop. Non-Seed orders will be sent to you directly from Thompson & Morgan at the correct time for planting.

Any queries, please email Susan at

We advise you keep a copy of your order form for future reference.

7th July - Current Price List available here

 03 07 15 trading hut sign

4ft canes 0.18
5ft Canes 0.24
6ft Canes 0.25
7ft Canes 0.30
8 ft canes. LOWER price 0.40
Ant/insect spray 750ml 3.90
Ant stop 1.20
Bird Netting per metre 1.30
Bird Seed - Wild 2kg. 1.50
Bird Seed - No mess 2kg 1.70
Bird Seed - Niger 1kg 1.40
Bird Seed - Peanuts 1KG 1.75
Bird Seed Sunflower Hearts 1kg 2.00
Black sunflower seeds 1kg 2.70
Robin/Songbird food 2kg 2.35
Suet Pellets/Berries 1 kg 2.50
Suet Pellets/mealworms 1kg 2.50
Blood, fish and bone. 2kg. 1.10
Bonemeal 2kg 1.20
Bug Free Organic, 1 litre 2.75
Butterfly netting per metre 2.35
Cacti Food 200 gms 1.10
Calcified Seaweed Powder 2kgs 1.80
Cane Caps per item 0.05
Chempak soluble plant food No.2 4.50
Chempak ditto No.3 4.50
Chempak ditto No. 4 4.50
Chempak ditto No. 8 4.50
Chempak Seed Base 3.35
Chempak Potting Base 800gms 3.75
Chicken Pellets 2kg 1.00
Chicken Pellets '6X' 8kg drum 4.80
Citrox P Disinfectant 30ml 1.50
Compost Clover 70L 4.50
Compost Ericaceous 75L 4.50
Compost Ericaceous 60L 3.80
Compost Humax/Silver sand 60L 4.50
Compost Humax 75L 4.80
Compost Humax 60L 4.20
Compost peatfree Silvagrow  5.90
Compost Organic 56 Ltre 4.90
Compost Sinclairs 75L £5.50
Cool Glass 3.00
Chrysanth (Trench) Fertiliser 1.85
Dried Blood 2 kg. 2.10
Epsom salts 1.20
Fleece per metre length 0.25
Fungus Control (Doff) 2.70
Garden Wire 1.50
Grow Organic manure 2kg bag 0.90
Growmore 2kg 1.60
Hand Trowel or Hand Fork 1.50
Hand fork, trowel & secateurs 5.00
Hoof & Horn 1.95
Horse Manure (per barrow) 1.00
Insect Netting per metre 1.75
Jeyes Fluid. 300 ml Can 3.00
4", 6" labels x bundle of 20 0.35
Landscapr Fabric 180cms w. 1.10
Landscape fabric 3.25m w (per metre 1.70
Landscape pegs x 1 0.05
Lime (refined) 0.90
Liquid Seaweed (organic) 1 Ltre 5.00
Liquid Seaweed (org) Vitax.500ml 3.40
Liquid Seaweed with Iron 3.30
Maxicrop Complete 1LTR 6.75
Maxicrop Original 500ml 3.45
Mycorrizal/Rootgrow 150gms 4.40
Ditto (Rootgrow) 360gms 9.75
Onion Fertiliser(Nitrate of Chalk) 1.65
Organic Pest Control 1 litre 4.50
Paraffin per litre. Sold in 4L cans    1.00 1.00
Paving slabs - small 2.00
Paving slabs - large 4.00
Perlite per 4 litres 0.60
Potato Fertiliser 2kg bag 1.50
Rooting Powder (Doff) 1.40
Rock Salt 20 kg bag 6.70
Scaffolding Boards 12 ft £5.00
Scaffolding Boards 3-4 ft £1.50
Seed modules (each) 0.10
Seed Modules -pack of 6 0.50
SlugGone Org. Plts.3.5kg.  4.50
SlugGone Org.Pellets 1ltr 2.45
Slug Copper Tape 4m 2.50
Slug mat with copper 5.60
Slug Pellets 1kg drum 2.65
SlugBait organic pellets 4.20
Soil Improver per barrow 1.00
Split canes 18" long 0.03
Split canes 24" long 0.04
Sterilised loam -topsoil 35L 3.80
String/twine 500 gm.ball 2.40
String/twine 4 ply 500 gm reel 2.85
Sulphate of Ammonia 1.20
Sulphate of Potash 2.50
Super Phosphate 2kgs 0.60
Tomato Food (Doff) 2.50
Tom Food Maxicrop Org 1L 6.95
Tomato food Maxicrop 1L 6.10
Tomato Growbag Xtra lge 3.50
Tomato Growbag (organic) 2.25
(Enriched) topsoil per barrow 1.50
Tool hire - strimmer 2.50
Tool hire - Generator/rotovator  5.00
Vermiculite per 4 litre bag 0.85
Volcanic Rock Dust 20kg 7.65
Wasp Nest Killer 2.00
Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam 300ml 2.75
Weedkiller - per litre 1.00
Weedkiller Roundup 280ml 12.00




 2017 SEASON  





PRODUCT                   SPECIAL DETAIL           PRICE PER 2KG BAG

First Earlies

Pentland Javelin                          -                                           £2.00

Red Duke of York                  Heritage                                  £2.00

Rocket                                         -                                           £2.00

Lady Christl                            RHS AGM Award                 £2.00


Second Earlies

Charlotte                                     -                                           £2.00

Kestrel                                     Heritage                                  £2.00


Main Crop                                        

Desiree                                                                                    £2.00

Maris Piper                                      -                                       £2.00

Picasso                                    RHS AGM Award                 £2.00



Our seed potatoes are always quick to sell out as they are available at such competitive prices compared with garden centres. To avoid disappointment, please call into the Moorside Allotments Trading Hut on Saturday or Sunday between 10 am and noon; or email Susan Pownall at or telephone her on 07771 845825 to reserve your selection.