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Local Events In The Community

 4th August - National Allotment Week

National Allotments Week 2019  - 12 to 18 August

 A Shared Harvest

 This year the National Allotment Society are celebrating the Shared Harvest from our precious plots. There comes a time in every growing season when plants produce more crops than any plot-holder can freeze, pickle or jam and generous allotment holders begin to arrive at work with baskets of plums, armfuls of rhubarb and Tupperware full of green beans. Many plot-holders also share their produce with worthy causes and this year we  have also taken a look at the practice of donating crops to food banks.

Washbrook Allotments in Leicester make donations to the nearby South Wigston food bank. The practice began in 2016, following a chance meeting between a committee member and the food bank manager through the National Gardens Scheme. The bank provides bread loaf trays for surplus produce, and these are collected every Sunday from the Society’s trading hut, where donating has become an integral part of allotment life. Click here for more case studies.

 It’s great to know that Newcastle Allotments Associations have been supporting local organisations for many years with their surplus stock. Lemington Allotments & Westmacott Allotments support the Lemington Centre and the local community with surplus produce. Benwell Lane are working closely with Benwell Foodbank. Tweed Street have the Peoples Kitchen and others groups on their site. A number of sites open their doors to the local community, Moorside / Armstrong / Denton Bank / Fairways / Three Mile / Coxlodge / Beaumont Terrace to name but a few. and for a small charge they can buy fresh produce /  flowers and honey, with the monies raised going back into the associations pot, to continue the good work

19th June - Plant Buddy Sprint

As leads and members of allotment associations and community groups we’ve got an exciting opportunity to get involved with Northumbrian Water and talk about everything plants!

I would like to invite you to take part in a sprint at this year’s Innovation Festival which myself and one of my colleagues, Elaine Erskine, are leading with IBM, called Plant Buddy.

Plant Buddy provides a platform, which hooks up simple sensors to plants and can get specific information about how much water they need and when.

We want to explore how a water company can work with plant lovers, retailers and food growers to help them use less water, share great ideas and create communities.

We are thinking about:

  • Where else can we take Plant Buddy?
  • Could it offer expert plant tips, feeding notifications and much more?
  • Could it be used in agriculture on a mass scale?
  • How could it be retailed?
  • How can we best share ideas and tips for water companies to help gardeners use less water and have thriving gardens?
  • Could we create community gardens with Sustainable urban Drainage Systems and link these up with Plant Buddy?

During the sprint we will develop new opportunities for Plant Buddy and new ways for Northumbrian Water to create strong communities of water conscious, green fingered stakeholders.

We would be delighted it if you could join me, Elaine, a whole load more fabulous people and Plant Buddy in our sprint. It is running from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th July and promises to be the best sprint at the festival!

Please don’t worry if you’re unable to make all three days, we’d love to see you there for one or two if that’s all you can manage, please just let us know which days work best for you when signing up on the link below.

To sign up, please complete the form here and select ‘Plant Buddy - Design sprint with IBM & Special Guest’ as the activity you’d like to get involved in.

If you know anyone else that would be keen (or more appropriate from your organisation) to get involved, please feel free to point us in the direction of those who you think would like to join us.

We’ve got a fantastic range of activities happening over the week and I’ve included a link to the Innovation Festival website here for you to find out more.

Green fingers crossed that me, Elaine and Plant Buddy will see you at the Festival!

Best wishes

Stef Chester

Customer Engagement Manager

Northumbrian Water, Northumbria House, Abbey Road, Pity Me, DH1 5FJ

Published 19th June

6th June - Comfrey Project Community Event: 19th of June

Moorside plotholders The Comfrey project are  holding their annual event celebrating Refugee Week and Volunteering. 

This year the event is taking place on the 19th of June, from 12 to 3pm at the Windmill Hills centre, in Bensham, Gateshead.

There will be delicious food from around the world, prepared from our volunteers and music from different countries. Visitors are welcome to bring an instrument or grab one of ours and join in the jam! 

Other activities that will be available include gardening, arts and crafts, games and information stalls. 

If you or a group you work with want to take part in any way, do not hesitate to contact me. We wish for this to be a truly participatory community event!

 No prior booking is required, just turn up on the day! Parking available on site. Please bear in mind, if you are visiting the centre for the first time, the gate is on Bensham road, not Chester place any more.



Published 6th June

25th May Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust Consultation

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust are running a consultation in June - information about which can be found here

28th April - Greening Wingrove News


We’ve got some good news to share!  The National Lottery Heritage Fund has awarded Greening Wingrove & Arthur’s Hill CIC £50,000 to deliver a nature conservation project over the next two years.

We’re calling the project WILD WEST END.

More details will be circulated shortly, but as a first step we have to recruit a Project Officer to manage and co-ordinate the delivery.  An advert for the post is below and attached, and please feel free to circulate to anybody who you think might be interested.




Are you interested in saving birds, bats and hedgehogs

We’re looking for someone to make a success of an exciting new environmental project in Newcastle’s inner West End.

The Wild West End project will focus on monitoring and recording swifts, house martins, bats and hedgehogs as well as planning and delivering small-scale interventions to create or enhance wildlife corridors within the project area.  And we want to involve the local human communities and a range of partners in our work.

If you are someone with a good understanding of the ecology of bats, birds and hedgehogs, and a strong commitment and passion for nature conservation, then this two-years post may interest you.

The role is 18 hour pw with a salary of £21,840 per annum (pro rata).

This project is Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

For more details and a job description, contact Greening Wingrove & Arthur’s Hill via: nigeltodd@phonecoop.coop


Closing date for applications will be 5 May 2019.


19th March 2019 - Arists Of Ouseburn Valley Event


 Spring is on the way and what better way to celebrate than a day spent meeting the artists of Ouseburn Valley, finding out all about their work, peering inside studios that are normally closed to the public, having a go at a range of activities and making some stunning artisan purchases to brighten your home? pete 

 Participating this year are:

 Check individual social media accounts and websites for more details and opening hours - particularly as they vary between venues.

 So grab a drink and a bite to eat at one of the Valley's many brilliant pubs and cafes and join us for a great weekend.